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Baking a cake for me is like a start of a long journey into the essence of a particular time, place and object in search of its defining characteristics.

The end result of that journey is the making of the cake, which tells the story in sugar, marzipan, icing and vibrant colors. A finished fantasy that ends in a beautiful sculpture that will taste as good as it looks.

In my profession of custom cakes for all occasion, I've become aware of the significant cake plays in our lives.

Just as the person is unique, so is the celebration, which is expressed in the design of every cake we produced. A personalized cake that makes every individual feels incredibly special.

As a cake designer, I have fun creating one-of-a-kind cakes for a loved one special day. The challenge for me is to always incorporate a design that reflects the importance aspects of the person's life in the most creative and visual way.

Every cake is unique and my idea is to change the look and shape of a decorated cake into something "unpredictable", exciting and fun.

Here at Cakes in Bloom, we guarantee only the freshest and the very best of ingredient use.

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